Sacred Heart relies on the generous contributions of time and energy from our volunteers to keep the school functioning optimally.  We welcome all volunteers, but we require that parents of Sacred Heart students volunteer for 10 hours per semester (20 hours per school year) in accordance with our Parent Service Hour Requirement, and submit their volunteer hours monthly using the Volunteer Log. The mandatory Carnival hours (see below) will be included in this requirement. Families who have not completed the Service Hour Requirement will be assessed $10 for each un-served hour by Dec. 15th and May 13th.  There will be many opportunities for service hours. Please watch for updates here on the website and letters home.

Carnival Duty

During Carnival, all families are required to work a booth for a minimum of two hours per child—maximum of four hours.  Each family will normally work a booth affiliated with their students’ class and teacher.  Families that do not work Carnival create a burden on the school family.  A financial penalty of $100 will be charged (subject to INCREASE) to families for each obligation not fulfilled.  This is in addition to the penalty for failure to complete the general parent service hour requirement.

Volunteer Rules

  • All parents/visitors must sign in and out at the office and wear a visitor’s badge.
  • The Bishop has mandated that all volunteers take a Protecting God’s Children class.
  • All school volunteers must also have cleared fingerprints and criminal background check on file in the office before participating in school activities.  Please visit the front office for background check paperwork and instructions on how to get fingerprinted.  Note that it may take up to 6 weeks for your fingerprints to be cleared.
  • Criminal background check must be repeated every 5 years.

Volunteer prerequisites:

1) Attend a Protecting God’s Children workshop, and visit the front office for instructions on getting fingerprinted and background checked.

2) Stop by the cafeteria lobby to sign up as a volunteer.  Many volunteer opportunities are available, including fundraisers, Catholic Schools Week, Beautification, and many others!

3) Print out a Volunteer Log, and record the hours you worked.

4) Submit your log to the front office each month (no later than the last Wednesday of the month).



Protecting God’s Children (PGC) Classes
PGC icon

Because Sacred Heart has a 20-hour annual Parent Service Hour Requirement, it is important to be aware of the Bishop’s mandate that all Sacred Heart volunteers take a Protecting God’s Children (PGC) class.  All parents must complete this class, as well as a criminal background check, before volunteering on the Sacred Heart campus.  (Please visit the front office for background check paperwork and instructions on how to get fingerprinted.)

To Register for PGC:

1) Visit the VIRTUS Online website.

2) Select Diocese of St. Augustine from the drop-down menu.

3) Create a user ID and password.

4) All available classes will come up. Select a class, and follow the directions to sign up online.

5) After class, bring a copy of your certificate of completion to the front office.