Sacred Heart School is pleased to offer your child After School Care (ASC). This program is designed to provide a safe, enjoyable environment for your child/children. It operates from 2:45 PM to 6:00 PM. ASC is open the first day of school in August through the last day of the regular school year. On early dismissal days, our opening time will be adjusted at no extra charge. ASC is not open when school is not in session. Enrollment is open to students of Sacred Heart.

For information not covered in this brochure call the school office at 904-771-5800 or After School Care at 904-772-1010 after 2:30 PM. Students in Karate, Dance or other activities must check in with ASC first. At that time they will go to assigned area for activity. Students are responsible for clothes for that activity. Students in Karate may take equipment bag to gym before school starts. After Karate they will change back in gym for ASC.

A non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 per student or $75.00 per family is required.

Monthly Fees (Note that these fees take into account early dismissal days):

  • Picked up by 4:00 PM $140.00 for first child (add $100 for each additional child)
  • Picked up by 5:00 PM $170.00 for first child (add $100 for each additional child)
  • Picked up by 6:00 PM $180.00 for first child (add $100 for each additional child)
  • Students that need childcare until 3:30 will go to protective care

After School Care tuition is to be paid by the 15th of each month. A late fee of $20 will be added for tuition payments received after the 20th of the month. Payments two months in arrears may lead to termination of After School Care enrollment. Payments are to be placed in the box located beside the sign out sheet.

It is very important that your child/children be picked up by 6:00 PM. Late pick-ups will be charged an overtime rate of $1.00 per minute. NO EXCEPTIONS. Habitual late pickups will result in termination of After School Care enrollment. Late fees are to be paid to the person in charge at the time of pick up.

A small area is assigned to each student where they should keep their personal items. Nothing should remain overnight and we STRONGLY urge you to label your children’s belongings with their names (especially shoes, girls’ uniforms, and boys’ navy pants). Children may bring toys from home as long as they are non-violent and the children accept responsibility for them.

The children will play, rest and have the chance to enjoy many individual and group activities that are educational and “just fun”. The program is scheduled as follows:

1. Roll Call – Students must come to ASC and be checked in prior to going to any after school activities (sport practices, art, music classes, etc.)

2. Change clothes (if desired; must be appropriate for weather)

3. Snack

4. Prayer/quiet time (homework, reading, movies, rest, etc.)

5. Organized play (outside, weather permitting)

6. 5:30 PM is “settling down” time and toys are put away

Assigned times:

K-1 (4:30 PM) 30 min.
2-4 (4:15 PM) 45 min.
5-8 (4:00 PM) 60 min.

Students are expected to provide a supply box containing:

-Pens, pencils (as needed)
-Colored pencils, markers, crayons, etc.
-Scissors (as needed)

Parents MUST provide school paper, protractors, compasses, etc. Student have access at ASC to extra reading material if homework is finished. The student (if homework is completed) makes this decision. The adult caregivers are not able to check the quality or completeness of homework assignments. Adult supervision is available for questions concerning directions for work and to maintain quiet. The responsibility for completion of assigned work remains with the student and parent.

A variety of nutritious snacks will be provided between 3:00 and 3:30 PM. If your child has a food allergy the director must be notified in writing on the first day of the program. Please send in your child’s snack each day if they have food allergies.

Play clothes should be sent in each day if you do not wish your child to play in the school uniform.

  • August – November: shorts (weather permitting)
  • December – March: long pants or sweats

Good behavior will be expected of all children in the program. This is necessary to provide a safe and happy environment for everyone. If a child seriously undermines this philosophy, it can lead to expulsion from the program. In the event of any disciplinary action, parents and principal will be notified and conferred with.