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Sacred Heart Catholic School offers a well-rounded, academic program within the context of the Catholic faith. Our program includes opportunities for community outreach, competitive sports, and much more. We open our doors to all regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, but are limited by capacity. Final decisions for admission or re-admission rest with the principal. Applications for Little Hearts (Pre-Kindergarten 4), Kindergarten, and First Grade must abide by state law regarding minimum age requirements for school entrance.

All new students are given a placement exam. In addition, we require copies of the following:

  • Birth certificate
  • Current and previous years’ report cards
  • Standardized test results
  • Any additional educational evaluations including IEP’s or 504 plan
  • Social Security numbers are needed for all students who are in VPK or receive scholarship money through the “Step-Up for Children” program.
  • Custody papers (if applicable)

All Catholic students must provide a copy of the following Sacramental documents (if the child has received them):

  • Baptismal Certificate
  • First Communion Certificate
  • Confirmation Certificate

Registrants are accepted in the following order:

1. Existing students
2. Siblings of existing students
3. Members of Sacred Heart Parish
4. Members of other parishes
5. All others on a “first come” basis

This same prioritization will be used to accept students who are on our waiting lists.